Martin Vavra Director

Martin Vavra is an award winning director in film and commercial productions. I was was given the honor of being named the Rising Star in 2012, as a prominent film maker and creator in Oregon.

My ambition and drive are unequaled, and my enthusiasm to each project makes the work stand out. My perspective and style allow for an uncompromising work ethic, and a passionate voice to come out in each and every project.


I have created commercials for Intel, Microsoft, and HP, as well as work on Grimm and Portlandia. My films Patrick's Story, A Deed without a Name, The Last Stand, Unwelcome Guests, Hail to the King and Department of Time Travel have won festival awards and gain attention all over the world. 



It all started when…

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Martin Vavra is an award-winning film and commercial director. Early on, he had a love for a variety of different art forms. At the age of five, he began playing the drums. Later, he toured Europe as part of an orchestra. At the age of 10 he began painting water colors, with several of his paintings getting showings and winning awards. His college years became a mishmash of rock band performances, science classes and sci-fi consumption. For many years, Martin was a wildland fire fighter, eventually becoming an ecologist. In 2005, wanderlust caught hold and Martin left ecology to travel, leading him to discover his true passion, filmmaking.


Since then, his life has been dedicated to cinematic storytelling. Martin’s series, The Last Stand, made its debut on DailyMotion and has received millions of views. Living up to the Rising Star title awarded to him by the Oregon Media Production Association, his films have been awarded numerous honors, including, Best Short Documentary and Best LGBQT at the Breckenridge FF, Festival Jury Prize at the Humanist Film Festival, Best Director, Best Series and Best Score. Commercial work has included spots for Nike, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Daimler and Goodwill. Martin has achieved industry recognition, with multiple Hermes Gold, Marcom Gold, AVA Gold, and the Communicator awards.


In addition to directing, Martin co-founded the post-effects company The Refuge VFX. During its operation, his team had the privilege of creating monster and creature effects for top TV shows like Grimm, Portlandia and The Librarians, and the feature film The Last Knight.


When he’s not directing, Martin can be found on a tall mountain backpacking or in a hidden stream fly fishing. When the outdoors isn't calling, Martin has been known to build and wear various Star Wars and HALO armor suites. Martin and his wife, Jenn, are owned by two rescue huskies that travel with them on all of their adventures.